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Manufacturing is part of the main body of my country's economy. Modern China is famous for being the "world's factory", but because of the many problems of this kind, the impression of domestic products is that they are accompanied by good and bad. In order to change this situation and improve the grade and technology of the domestic manufacturing industry, the country attaches great importance to the manufacturing industry. The most used equipment in the domestic manufacturing industry is the blow molding machine equipment, and the composition of the machine tool is inseparable from the linear guide.   The domestic economy is in the momentum of rapid growth, and the domestic manufacturing industry is also in the transformation stage, which provides a huge market space for linear guide rail products. With the rapid development of the guide rail industry, the huge production capacity formed by China's linear guide rail manufacturing industry has impressed the world. With the continuous expansion of China's electric power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transit industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding and other industries, the demand for linear guide rails will also increase rapidly, and the linear guide rail industry has huge development potential in the future.       Linear guides are generally divided into two categories, namely square guides and circular guides. Round rails are the earliest products, but they are less accurate than square rails. However, circular rails are ideal for vertically moving heavy loads. The specific linear guide used should be determined according to the actual guide application requirements. The various grinding requirements inherent in the design of square rails lead to their initial cost several times that of round rails, but with linear rail manufacturing technology rails outperform circular rails. In general, square rails have higher load capacity, precision and stiffness, and longer service life.   Different industries have different requirements for the types of guide rails. We should choose suitable guide rail equipment according to our own time conditions. The domestic guide rail market is still developing, and there will be such and other problems during this period. We should pay attention to these problems and solve them , so that the Chinese rail industry will develop faster and go further.
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